Corner Shelf Makeover

A family member handed this basic corner shelf down to me this summer, she said they’ve had it for yeeeaaars. I’m not too sure how long but it’s in great condition to have survived moves, children…. And well time! I was happy to take it off of her hands!

Here she be all taken apart

I decided to try out a chalk paint recipe since we had our first sticking snow this past week I wasn’t all about taking it outside to sand! So I mixed up some paint, plaster of Paris and water and put it to work. It turned out great, went on smooth and distressed like a dream! I wouldn’t use it for everything but it’s definitely a nice option to have!

I did a couple of coats with the paint, let it dry for 24 hrs and lightly distressed it then finished it with a clear coat of Minwax Polycrylic. I’m not obsessed with the poly, I always end up with an uneven sheen and have to spend time sanding it down to even it out. I’m anxious to get my hands onto wax and figure that out, but for now, this works!
Here’s the finished product. Doesn’t it look so good! The deep grey is just so warm and chic. I don’t know if chic is the proper word for furniture but it just is! At he same time it could be totally masculine. Super versatile :) .




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