Determined to love my Kitchen Tables: making the beast a beauty

Just under 3 years ago we discovered that our classy looking bar height table was not the most toddler friendly after our 1 year old fell off the high, but oh so chic chairs.  So we posted that bad boy on kijiji and began looking for something a little more… or should I say…. a little less dangerous for our adventurous little toddler.  I began my hunt on kijiji to replace said table, and had found a couple options for a decent price that I was interested in, so of course I emailed them and awaited their response.

Oh did I fail to mention, that somehow… I still don’t know how this happened, but I managed to delete the browser off of my phone.  I know, I know I could just get a new one… I just hadn’t at that point… and still don’t have one for that matter… but because of this, I can’t open links from my email or links that are sent to me in a text.  It’s super annoying… but obviously not annoying enough to fix.  Anyways, don’t get my hubby going about this!

So I heard back from a couple of the people selling tables that I was interested in and I began talking more seriously to the person selling the table that I thought was the perfect, safe addition to our home.  We emailed back and forth, settled on a price and then one night, I sent my hubby who was in no way involved in any of the decision making regarding the table to go pick up the table.  Cue my amazing hub-a-lub walking into the house like my knight in shining armor with two chairs over his shoulder, and then asks for my help to get the table and the rest of the chairs inside.

Once we were inside from the dark, it hits me.
This is not the table I wanted!
This is not the table I picked!
But oh, it was.  I was emailing with someone who was selling a table… just not the table I thought I was getting.  It still stings a little, but what’s done is done.

This table was destined to be in our lives.  We talked about trying to take it back, but decided that was so unfair to those people, then we tried to sell it for what we bought it for… no way someone would be so dumb to buy it for what we bought it for… I cried a little… ya i did… over a silly table.  But over the past two years I began to build up an idea of “what could this table be?”  And when the summer hit I was determined to attempt to find the beauty in this beast!

It was a big conquest but, I did it.  I sanded down 4/6 of those chairs, spindles and all…  I primed and painted, and clear coated and sanded and left it out in the rain and resanded and repainted… and at the end of the day, it’s far from perfect, it was definitely a learning project but I concluded that I hated it to begin with so if I can enjoy it just a little more then that’s a win.  And I gotta say, I’m happy I did it!  Here are a couple pics!




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