Oval Damask Stenciled Coffee Table

My next project that has been waiting in the wings was this beautiful oval table that was given to me.  The people who gave it to me lent it out and received it back in what they believed to be as terrible condition.  Sure it was a little scuffed up, but totally sturdy, beautiful shape and just…. glowing with promise!


So began the process, sanding, priming, painting, envisioning….

I wanted to do something special with this table… well cuz really, it’s less scary to experiment with free! Am I right!?  So after a bit of thought I figured I’d try my hand at using a stencil.  So in I walked to Michaels thinking “this shouldn’t be very hard”.  I had an idea of what I wanted my stencil to look like.  So in my mind it was just a matter of finding it.  But really, I wasn’t being honest with myself, we all know how Michael’s works.  Too many options of all the same thing, making a shopping trip for one thing turn into an hour long hmming and hawing session.

Once I settled on the stencil, I went home and got to work…. at of course 9pm at night when the kiddies are in bed.  I mixed two colors to dull down the mint as I wanted it to really blend with the white, then cracked open my stencil.  Let me just say, I went with the cheaper option of stencil, over the Martha Stewart ones that have adhesive on them.  I wish I would’ve spent the extra money because this bad boy was a PAIN!  But what’s done is done and I was determined to make it work!  (And how lovely that it came in two pieces… NOT!)


When I started with the stencil I didn’t think of how long it would take me, but let’s just say, I didn’t finish until around 12:30am.  I was too afraid to step away from it, especially since I mixed paint colors, I didn’t want to risk it drying out and having to guess what amounts of each I used to recreate the color.  Newb mistake!

I finished the table by distressing some of the top and around the legs and edges and applying a clear coat of Minwax Polycrylic .  I love how subtle the damask stencil is on the crisp white, I wish I could keep it because I obviously have a mint obsession!  I’m vowing to take a break from mint for the next few projects unless I’m asked to do it for someone else.  I just love it!

Here are some finished pictures of the beauty!


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