Guess who’s back, back again….

I’ve been a little ok a “lottle” slack on this whole blogging biz the past couple months but with summer coming and quite a few projects on the horizon I plan on keeping up… Even backtracking a bit to fill y’all in on what I’ve been up to! This past month has come with exciting new developments, I currently am selling a few of my things in the Salvage Girls store! And my website is up and running along with my rocking new logo all designed by our good friend Quincy.

Can I just say how surreal it is that this dream has come alive in the past 8 months! It’s terrifying, but they say if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough, so I guess the panicky feeling I get every time I put something out there or take a step forward is a good thing :).

I genuinely want to thank you all for following along on this journey I call Inspired Findings, thank you for your support and your encouragement, it seriously means a lot!

Stay tuned for lots of picture blogs of my diy attempts and creations!
I must sign off now tho breakfast is done and food is starting to fly.