Retro Grunge Hutch

I’ve been really slack on my blogging game lately.  I have so much to share with you all about makeovers and different projects and then another project comes up and blogging gets put on the back burner.  Well this morning I figured I’d share my hutchmost recent furniture transformation.

A customer dropped off a hutch that she was less than thrilled about, she said it was boxy, boring, meh and ugly but hoped that it could be revived with a facelift!  Here it was before, she was right, pretty boring and boxy, but look at that retro goodness!  It was full of potential!

IMG_7232First I removed all the doors and gave the whole piece a sand down.  You don’t have to sand down the raw wood, I’d still be there sanding if that was the case.  You want to get as much of that glossy finish off so that the paint has something to stick to!  Once you sanded it down give it a good wipe.  I used a paint & primer so after it was dust free I got right to work.  For big pieces like this with clean lines I like to use a roller (especially if I’m NOT using chalk paint – i find a brush is a better way to apply chalk paint.) you’ll get nice smooth application with no brush strokes.

So here’s the piece all nice and painted.  Looks  nice and clean and already was such a major transformation.  But my client wanted some more depth… grunge if you will!!!  I was more than excited to mIMG_7449ake that happen, and just knew it would give this piece that wow factor.  I used Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze mixed with about a teaspoon of black paint and began the glazing process.  Applying, then wiping off with a wet cloth.  At some points to get the level of glaze I wanted on the piece I would just dry brush the glaze on.  Here’s a picture of the difference!


We loved the idea of adding some brightness to this dark piece, but it also needed to have some grunge to it!  (forgive the crooked picture!)
IMG_7457After everything was glazed and good, I added some General Finishes Flat Top Coat.  It’s my fave!  Here’s the finished project!!!

IMG_7474 IMG_5889 IMG_5894

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some other projects I’ve been working on while prepping for a Christmas market!  Have an awesome Wednesday!
xo Meryl
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