DIY Backdrop

It’s been a while since I’ve popped in here!    I just had to share this fun little project I’ve been working on (and am still working on).  I’m always trying to find nice backgrounds to take my photos.  A few month ago I found some white faux brick wall paper at Home Sense and taped it up in my garage, it’s perfect for getting a nice clean shot that doesn’t distract from the piece I’m photographing. 

Often in my photos you’ll see that I use this old fence panel that was taken down when we had our garage built.  I painted and distressed it and it’s an awesome fun pop of color when I need it in a picture! 


When I need a change of scenery I’ll use my old painted shutter doors or even certain walls in our house. The one below I used my silhouette cameo to create these gold polka dots that frame my work station above my desk and below it’s shelf 🙂


All of these things are wonderful, but I had a stroke of genius last week when we were going through stuff in our basement and lined up against a wall (for the past 3.5 years) sat multiple pieces of this huge puppet theatre.  It used to belong to our church but when they changed their kids church format they needed to get rid of it, and at the time we thought we’d take it off their hands – we thought the kids would love it!  Uhhhh… this thing is massive – way too big to set up in our basement and crazy complicated to piece together!  So it just sat there, for years and years.  Until last week our neighbors let us know they rented one of those huge garbage bins and if we had junk to get rid of we could haul it over and dump it!  And as soon as my hubby had the idea to throw this huge thing away, boom it hit me!  I could use this as a backdrop…. a portable one!  It could come with me to markets and stage my areas, it could create little walls for my space!!   Woo hoo!

Here’s one set of the panels 

I’m only going to repurpose/upcycle two of these to box in my market space for now.  

So I went to Lowes and found some adhesive vinyl flooring and got to work! This pack was about $35 and I used just over a half of the package. 

It really wasn’t a lot of work.  Just pealing and sticking. A little bit of cutting and measuring – but mostly easy peasy! 

Here’s one side of it finished – I’m planning on painting the other white panel with chalkboard paint and then doing another set of two the same way.  I even was considering white washing the vinyl and distressing it, but I’ll have to test that out first.   The back of this is coloured so I plan on covering it with some cute wrapping paper for my upcoming holiday market.  

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  Who doesn’t like quick DIYs that turn out even  better than you imagined!?  I can even use this laying down for flat lays.  I might create a separate smaller one with a panel specifically for that – maybe I’ll do the white washing on that one 🙂

What do you like to use as a backdrop!?  There are endless things to choose from – you just have to get creative!

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