Quick DIY – Trash to Treasure

I feel like I should get paid to thrift shop.  I’m pretty confident in my thrifting skills, but only when it comes to the perimeter of the store… the home decor, the furniture, the frames.  I love clothes shopping as much as the next girl, but when it comes to a thrift store I need to be in the right mind space to sort through ALL. THOSE. CLOTHES…. it’s usually not my thing.  But when it comes to the other stuff, I got that part down.  I have my “thrift circuits” on each end of the city that if I’m going to one, I might as well go to them all, they’re all close enough to each other that it’s worth it to power through them as fast as I can.  I usually can do four in a hour!  That’s including paying and driving to and from each.  Impressed?  I obviously think you should be!  ANYWAYS…IMG_0304. Last week my brother surprised me telling me that he was in the city and so I drove to the other end to see him, which just so happens to be near the north “circuit”… lucky me!  I hit up the four stores and found these gems!  IMG_0432

I’m sure I was getting some looks walking outta the thrift store with this glammed, leopard print, plastic clock.  I sure got some from my hubby when I brought it home.  But I saw it and I had a vision!  I had to have it! (you can’t really see it here, but that leopard print is bedazzled up, kachow!)

First thing first, I had some Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint on hand – it’s just the prettiest of all the spray paint coloIMG_0435urs isn’t it?!  I didn’t even prime it first to be honest, spray paint is a pretty awesome thing, it sticks like crazy.  I figured since this was just a quick little project for my home, it wasn’t a big deal.  Once it was dry I took some black glaze that I had mixed up and covered the pretty blue then wiped it off lightly until i achieved the vintage, dirty and worn look.  For small glazing projects I’ll sometimes use baby wipes (cuz we always have them).  One will go a long way, as i rinse it out and reuse to wipe off the glaze.  This one I didn’t actually rinse as I wanted the glaze to spread over the surface to dirty it up.  I then did some light distressing on the edges.  Afterwards I sprayed on a clear coat to protect the finish.  Once that was dry I painted the plastic clock face with a couple coats of chalkboard paint and Voila!  Isn’t it fun!  I’m so happy with how it turned out.


So my tip while you’re thrifting – don’t look at the piece at surface level.  Look at their shape, at what they are made of, their potential.  Don’t look at it for what it is, unless it’s already awesome… It’s kind of like choose your own adventure!  Anything is possible!


Happy Wednesday, and Happy Thrifting!